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Self-propelled telescopic boom lift

Self-propelled telescopic boom lift

Self-propelled telescopic boom lift platform is the kind with tires, which lifts goods by telescopic boom with 4×4 drive chassis or 4×2; four wheels can be outspreaded horizontally without any outrigger. Maneuverable operation can be expected on the platform in the height for realizing moving while working simultaneously.


1. The tire axles can retract and extend ensuring the machines stability: Ensure the stability of whole machine under the status of exercising.

2. Electronics Automatic leveling: more accurate and reliable.

3. Multilevel weighing functions can meet the customer’s actual requirement, the max. Lift capacity is 480kgs topping the world.

4. Function of automatic speed reduces and alarm, cut off: When the motion is reaching 80% of the rated range limit, all moves will automatically and continuously slow down and alarm. When reaching 100%, all the dangerous moves will be compulsively stooped.

5. Four-wheel drive and steer: Four turning modes are achievable, namely front-wheel steer, rear-wheel steer, whole-wheel steer and crab steer, ensuring powerful grade-ability.

6. Double sensors and dual-loop electrical system guarantee security: Emergency power unit ensures machine retracting even in case of engine failure.

Main Feature:

1. Electrical system: Advanced CAN-BUS with easy and reliable circuitry. Unique math model to realize range limit, safety alarm, auto speed-limit etc., endowing product with artificial intelligence; Humanized operating handles make operators fell convenient and comfortable.

2. Hydraulic system: All hydraulic components are of European or American origin, ensuring a high-level reliability; Electric-hydro proportional valve improves the tiny-move ability.

3. Body structure: The whole body is well-designed by finite element analysis, Critical parts like boom, rotating platform are made of high-strength steel, with higher lift capacity. Platform bears multi-grade weighing functions, showing compact structure, and sophisticated design.




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Self-propelled telescopic boom lift

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